October 9, 2016


Welcome to Battle Bed Bugs!

bed-bugMy name is Andy and I created this site to help others who are dealing with the dreaded bed bugs. I remember my first encounter with them and it was HORRIBLE! WORST thing in my life! It was a total drain both physically and mentally on me and my wife and caused a lot of stress which sometimes even caused major arguments. Stress levels were so high that we would get ticked off at the smallest of things. It was really dumb and actually almost destroyed our marriage!

Our social lives went down the drain. We didn’t want friends or family over and we didn’t go to people’s houses because we were afraid of spreading the problem. We wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemy. We’ve spent countless hours using different techniques to get rid of them and spent a lot of money as well. It was so frustrating that no matter what we did they just kept coming back! This really consumed us and it was a really low point in our lives.

Sad Dog

I’m sure some of you can relate. Bed bugs are like the ninjas of the parasite world. They’re really good at hiding and are so sneaky that you won’t even know they’re there until you find a bunch of itchy red spots all over your body. By then they’ve already feasted and are probably mating to increase their horde of vampires. Although it takes time for them to feed (usually around 5 mins) on you, they inject their saliva which acts as an anesthetic so you won’t feel it till they’re long gone.

Learn How You Can Kill Bed Bugs

Bed Bug BitesAt first I had doubts after I had a couple of itchy red dots. Thought “Nah, I can’t have bed bugs. Must be some random bites”. But then the bites became frequent and they are super itchy. Strange thing was that they only fed on me. I sleep with my wife but she was always completely spotless. If you get bites, get yourself bed bug detectors right away to see if you are infested. The worst thing you can do is wait and give them time to multiply. The earlier you kill them the easier it will be to exterminate them.

Things got bad to the point where I was getting multiple bites per day so I decided I had enough! I went online and did my research spending countless hours reading various websites for information on how to kill bed bugs. There are tons of techniques but unfortunately most of them just don’t work.

I first looked into hiring a professional but to my surprise they charge several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars which is totally out of my budget so I looked into Do-It-Yourself solutions.  Some people had success and some had to resort to hiring a professional at the end. I tried several things and not all of them worked but fortunately some techniques I used and the products I bought did the job and I was able to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE all bed bugs! YAY!

Check Out Products to Eliminate Bed Bugs

I know how annoying these pests are and how much “bad” information is out there so I decided that I’d help others by sharing my experiences and aggregate all the useful information I learned during my battle with bed bugs so you don’t have to waste countless hours and money searching for the solution that really works.

Hope you find the information useful and feel free to share it with others so they don’t have to suffer like we did.

End this nightmare NOW and get back to enjoying your life! I know it feels hopeless at times but if I can even help one person get through this, it’s worth it!

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