October 10, 2016

Kill Bed Bugs With Heat

ZappBug Oven - Kill Bed Bugs With HeatHeat treatment for bed bugs is a great way to kill bed bugs as long as you do it properly. They die when exposed to heat of 120 degrees F (about 50 C) and above. For clothing and bed sheets it’s best to put them in the dryer on the hottest setting for at least 20 minutes. I usually set it to double that at around 40 mins just in case especially since it takes awhile for the dryer to actually reach it’s max temperature. I don’t have a dryer so I had to go to the laundromat every week which was a major pain and I was wasting money each visit. It’s funny, I developed a fear of putting clothes on because every time I did I got bit but after bringing them to the dryer I got bit less so it was working. At home I used to always just walk around in my boxers.

Bed bugs get in EVERYWHERE! In your documents, your electronics, your furniture, pretty much anywhere they can hide they will. It’s difficult to spray them when they’re hiding so the best way to eliminate them is to use heat. No matter how hard they hide if you heat items up to the right temperature the bed bugs and their eggs will die.

An alternative to going to the laundromat is to get a bed bug heater in your home! Obviously you can’t put certain things in the dryer like documents, books, electronics as they’ll get damaged during the tumble process but there are some great products on the market that allow you to heat those items in your own home! They are the ZappBug line of products and I talk about them here.

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ZappBug Room - Kill Bed Bugs With HeatThese heaters are quite big in size and can fit a wide variety of items. The heaters also come in a variety of sizes so they can be as small as a luggage bag or as big as an entire room! Yup, there’s a ZappBug heater that’s as big as a room. It’s quite expensive but if you have the space, it’s very convenient as you can set it up in only 10 minutes and you can even fit furniture like couches and tables. It also cuts down the time since you can just dump everything in there at once instead of putting only a few items at a time with the smaller ZappBug heaters.

Who knows, maybe you can even start a business and charge people for using it. Actually, that’s an interesting idea. I would have LOVED it if someone actually offered that service and I could rent the ZappBug Room for a fee. I personally don’t have the room to keep one at my place so it would have been so awesome if I could rent or just use someone else’s. With the bed bug epidemic spreading I’m sure a lot of people will be interested. Maybe even the hotel industry as bed bugs are a major problem for them and it costs thousands to hire professionals.

Anyway, back to heat. Bed bugs can grow immune to pesticides over time and they may lose their effectiveness but they can not grow immune to heat. Professionals actually have equipment to heat up entire rooms and even your entire house! Treatment is quite pricey though as it’s usually over $1,000 and can go into several thousands for your entire house but you can ask for a quote.

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