October 10, 2016

Sprays and Powders


ExterminatorWhen people think of how to kill bed bugs by yourself, they first think of bed bug sprays. When you think of exterminating bed bugs, most people picture exterminators wearing a full body suit with respirator mask using a heavy duty sprayer to spray pesticides everywhere. There are much cheaper and safer alternatives that you can buy and use in your own home.

Sprays are usually a contact killer which means that they will kill bed bugs and their eggs on contact. Unfortunately you most likely won’t be able spot all of them and spray them directly, which means that if you happen to miss them, they’ll just keep feeding and reproducing and you’ll still have the problem. We want to totally get rid of ALL of them so make sure the spray leaves some dry residuals which allow it to be effective longer. Because the dry residuals tend to stay longer instead of just evaporating away, they tend to be effective for up to 14 days meaning that you don’t have to keep hunting them down to kill them.

When choosing the best bed bug spray, make sure you carefully read the description and make sure it won’t be harmful to humans or pets! No matter how bad you want the bed bugs gone, if the spray harms you or your family, it’s not worth it!

Try and find ones where the ingredients are natural and organic and don’t contain harsh chemicals. Also make sure that you can use it on a variety of surfaces and it won’t damage your furniture. Check out some of the best bed bug sprays out there that are organic and safe to use in your home.

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Powders (Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bugs)

DiatomsIn my experience, I found bed bug powder to be very effective. In particular, Diatomaceous Earth (DE). The powder is made of tiny, fossilized diatoms (aquatic organisms) that lived  in fresh water lakes. This is crushed and turned into powder. This powder has sharp edges that cut bed bugs as they walk over them. It then absorbs and sucks their body fluid which causes them to dehydrate and eventually die. This is a great way of getting rid of bed bugs naturally.

Since this method needs the bed bugs to physically walk over the powder, it’s very important to place it in strategic locations. Some great locations are under your mattress cover, along baseboards, around all of your bed posts, pretty much anywhere you think they might have to walk through to get to their meal (aka YOU!).

When purchasing Diatomaceous Earth, make sure it’s food grade and that it’s safe to use. The best ones are ones that have automated packaging where there is no physical human intervention. Some places use manual labor for packaging and people are scooping the powder themselves which gives risk to powder contamination.

When applying the powder, apply a thin coating so bed bugs will actually walk over them. If the coating is too thick, they’ll simply walk around it and it won’t be effective at all. You can sweep the powder or vacuum it after a few days and reapply as necessary. Keep in mind that this solution doesn’t give an immediate death to the bed bugs as it takes a couple days for them to totally dehydrate and die but let me tell you that this dramatically decreased the amount of bed bugs I had. After a few days I was so happy with the result I thought this was a miracle powder!

Also note that this only kills bed bugs who physically walk on the powder, it doesn’t kill eggs. You might want to use sprays or steamers to kill the eggs for a faster result otherwise you’ll just have to wait for them to hatch and have them walk over the powder to die. Check out some of the best bed bug powders that are effective and give you the best bang for your buck!

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Other Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

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